Fall Planting

by Jamie D

Fall is here. There is nothing better than sitting in the backyard with the animals, soaking up the sun, and admiring the blooms shooting out of my potted grasses.

However, just like my alert babies, I cannot sit still long. I need to be doing something… which is usually planting or pruning. I went by my local Ace Hardware (possibly my favorite store) and they had tomato plants and garden herbs on sale for .99 cents! How could I resist?!

I bought 1 cilantro plant, 2 roma tomatoes plants, and 1 yellow tomato plant. I spent less than 5 dollars and was able to replace the 3 tomato plants I had lost during harsh Texas summer heat.

I found an old pickle jar, that made a great home for the cilantro.

I got lucky with the tomato plants. Since I didn’t have anything I could use around the house, I didn’t plant them right away. I just left them in their 4 inch pots on the back porch.

I started price shopping galvanized buckets because I thought they would look cool as hanging planters.

That same week we drove up to film a wedding in Muenster, Texas… which is near Lake Texoma where Cody’s family has some property lovingly referred to as “the shop”. We had to make a side trip to “the shop” for his parents and I happened to find a stock pile of vintage galvanized buckets that were not being used… I brought 2 of them home, and with permission from the “In-Luckies” (what I call my Mom & Father- in-law) Cody and I popped 3 holes into the bottom of each one of them!

I put styrofoam packing peanuts in the bottom of the buckets…it serves 3 purposes:

  1. Essential Drainage for the potted plant… helping to ensure the bottom soil does not become soured from unused/un-drained water.
  2. Light Weight Space Saver since 4 inch plants do not take up much space in a large galvanized bucket… filling in the bottom with a light weight space saver means I don’t have to use as much dirt to fill up the bucket and it isn’t super heavy when I hang it on the wall (or need to carry it).
  3. It’s green! Really they are more blue… but what else was I going to do with the styrofoam packing peanuts that came in the mail with some glass jugs I had ordered? I wasn’t going to throw them in the trash and let them sit in a landfill forever.

To hang them, we just went to home depot and bought some chain and S hooks.

I noticed that the tomato plants that had survived the hot summer had been taken over by little white Mealy bugs. To destroy them, without destroying my plants… I simply put some dish soap in my hand and used the water hose to wash the soap over the plant. Repeating this step once a week until all the pests are gone.